Attracting and retaining highly-skilled seafarers

At Vridhi Maritime we are devoted to attracting and retaining top talent, and to create a working environment that encourages employees to build their career with us and to grow and develop over the years. As a result, retention rate of more than 90% is achieved in our all fleets.

Overall, more than 200 seafarers work on the vessels managed by Vridhi Maritime, while the company marine personnel pool includes more than 1,200 seafarers. The crew comprises of Indian seafarers. Their professionalism, sound judgment, self-discipline along with the dedication ensures our principal vessels are managed efficiently and safely, thereby cargoes are delivered. The protection and well-being of the ship, the crew, the cargo and the marine environment are major considerations for all those working on board.

 Training and supporting our on board personnel

New recruits are carefully selected and along with experienced crew members undergo an extensive and continuous training program, both ashore and on board. Prior to embarkation seafarers receive a detailed briefing on technical, operational, crew-related, safety and quality-related matters.

Our people ashore support the seafarers serving on board the vessels managed by Vridhi Maritime around the clock and ensure a friendly, cooperative relationship; doing so helps facilitate seamless communication and excellent coordination between sea and shore.

The training of seafarers, who work ‘at the sharp end’ of the business, is a top priority since their safety directly affects the services rendering to our cherished clients.