Safety and quality are at the forefront of everything we do.

Vridhi Maritime has been committed to the principles of quality assurance and complying the requirements of the ISM code.

We have an established safety Management System incorporating the Quality (ISO 9001:2015), standards and ISM Code requirements which is certified and approved by DNV GL.

We believe in continuous improvement of our quality standards via our independent internal auditing system. Internal audits are carried out periodically on all our ships and in all our offices. The results of audits are reported directly to the highest level in the organization.

A dedicated team of experienced, qualified marine superintendents oversees the managed vessels to ensure they comply with all national and international policies and regulations related to Health, Safety, Security, Quality, Energy and Environmental (HSSQEE) protection. Additionally, Vridhi Maritime has established an advanced and sophisticated Safety Management System (SMS) which is implemented on vessels which are managed by us.

Key Performance Indicators of QHSE are constantly measured and tracked in order to foster continuous improvement and help minimize risk.

Safety navigation policy

The safety of navigation at sea is fundamental for protecting human life, the environment and third party assets. The safety of life, the ship and the environment take precedence over all other considerations.It is the policy of the Company that all vessels owned and/or managed or operated by the Company shall provide safe, reliable and efficient means of transportation and in compliance with all applicable National and International rules and regulations. Safe navigational practices are detailed in the Company Safety Management System