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Established in 2013, Vridhi Maritime Pvt Ltd is a ISO 9001 2015 certified professional ship management company managing 6 Bulk carriers and ready to take on several more vessels of all kinds in its fleet.

As a licensed Ship Manager holding the Document of Compliance (DOC) of Indian/Panama & Liberia flag, and having successfully completed more than 15 dry docks, takeovers, project businesses, and conversions, Vridhi fulfils the responsibility for the smooth running of the vessels in its fleet, ensuring that stringent safety and environmental requirements are met while servicing routes across the world.

The foundations for our progressive growth has been on smart thinking, optimal spend, and total commitment to all our stakeholders, upon which we have built our portfolio of services that includes Technical Management and Technical Services.

We have grown from the bottom up with our focus on consistently providing services of the highest quality while adapting to the individual needs of our clients so they can grow stronger.

While we strive towards being data driven, we believe that digitalisation does not replace human performance but only enhances it. We look forward to our journey with you.

MV Intersea Voyager's Heroic Rescue Mission:
A Beacon of Hope in the Indian Ocean

MV Intersea Voyager, on a routine voyage, emerged as the unexpected saviour of three Sri Lankan fishermen who set out on their fishing expedition from Hambantota Harbor on September 01, 2023. Their peaceful pursuit of livelihood took a perilous turn when their engine malfunctioned, leaving them adrift for14 harrowing days in the vast expanse of the open sea.

The fishermen's desperate pleas for help remained unanswered for days, but destiny had a different plan. At 09:45 hours, in a remote and desolate location, our vigilant crew spotted the distressed souls. Without hesitation, our highly skilled crew initiated a rapid response.

Lifebuoys were swiftly deployed, engines were brought to an immediate halt, and MV Intersea Voyager was expertly maneuverer to reach the distressed fishermen. The professionalism and teamwork displayed by our crew during this critical operation were nothing short of extraordinary. By 10:52 hours, all three fishermen were safely on board, receiving not only a lifeline but also warmth, care, and a comforting cup of hot beverage.

Immediate first aid was administered by our crew to one of the fishermen who had sustained a cut on his forehead. Dry clothes and warm blankets were provided to ensure their comfort and well-being. Their safety became our paramount concern.

On September 17th, 2023, the rescued fishermen were safely brought ashore aboard the Sri Lankan Naval Boat P 421, heading towards Hambantota. According to the fishermen themselves, they had encountered various vessels during their challenging journey, but it was the MV Intersea Voyager and its compassionate crew that ultimately rescued them, turning their harrowing experience into a tale of hope.

In an astonishing display of valour and humanity, MV Intersea Voyager IMO: 9209532 , a vessel under the esteemed management of Vridhi Maritime Pvt Ltd, executed a daring rescue operation in the treacherous waters of the Indian Ocean. This extraordinary mission, which unfolded on September14, 2023, serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment and professionalism of our crew.

This heartwarming rescue mission epitomize the core values of Vridhi Maritime Pvt Ltd - placing human lives more than anything else. It underscores the unwavering commitment and professionalism of our vessel's crew, who in the face of adversity, acted swiftly and decisively to save lives.

We take immense pride in congratulating the entire crew of MV Intersea Voyager for their exceptional efforts. This is not just a rescue at sea; it is a shining example of maritime excellence, compassion, and the enduring spirit of humanity.

As we celebrate this remarkable act of bravery, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Captain S M SHAH and the entire crew of MV Intersea Voyager. You have not only made us proud but also reaffirmed our commitment to safety, compassion, and excellence in the maritime industry.