Our efficient and dynamic team in place since 2013 can manage any type / size / age/ trade / vessel. Having successfully completed several dry docks, takeovers, project businesses, and conversions, we are ready for any new challenge that comes our way.


Captain Arun Kumar

Managing Director

With the years sailing as a cadet to a Master Mariner and his valuable experience as a technical and quality assurance superintendent, Capt. Arun provides the strategic direction for the company, establishes operational procedures, and inculcates a culture that recognises and rewards outstanding work.

While ensuring the stability of the business, he analyses new business opportunities, builds long-term alliances with global companies, and maintains enduring clients by establishing impeccable service standards, and transparency with our clients.

Captain Ram Kumar

Director & Head of Manning Division

With extensive hands-on experience in vessel and crew management, he leads our global crewing strategy to support the growing needs of our business.

Along with being an active Director in Vridhi, he heads the reputable crew management division of Admiral Marine Services as its CEO.

In recognition of the CSR initiatives undertaken with Crew Managment, he was awarded the “Seajobs Indian Anchor Award 2022”.

Ravi Shankar

Fleet Director

Mr. Ravi Shankar ensures that the vessels in our fleet operate in accordance to global and regional maritime legislations and standards. As the over all in charge of technical matters and fleet running expenses, he is focused on efficiency and achieving predefined performance and quality levels in all operations, whilst ensuring safety and security of the marine personnel.

He plays an integral role in developing fleet management techniques and methods to ensure all vessels meet the clients operational and budget requirements. He drives the technical team in achieving assigned tasks to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.


Chief Financial Officer

Being a qualified chartered accountant, Mr. Tyagarajan
strengthens the financial arm of the company. With several years of shipping industry experience, he plays a pivotal role in setting up robust accounting systems, ERP implementation, internal control mechanism, SOPs and other operational procedures to ensure company treads on strong financial fundamentals.

Through his efficient budget preparation and  stringent analysis, he provides a monthly, quarterly and yearly financial forecast and actionable intelligence to the  senior management.