Technical Management

We realise that a ship is an immensely valued asset to any owner. We know that every ship owner expects their ship manager to be trustworthy, take special care of their valuable asset, ensure safety of every voyage, maintain an optimal spend, securely transport the cargo, and keep them well informed.

With integrity as our core value, we ensure

  • A proper Planned Maintenance System (PMS)
  • Continuous monitoring by experienced and qualified Superintendents
  • Carefully adherence to requirements of IMO, Class, Insurance, and other statutory bodies
  • Minimal off hire with no unplanned stoppages at sea
  • Proper planning of expenses and optimal spend
  • Safe loading, secure transport and safe discharge and delivery of cargo
  • Safety as a priority with a focus on sustainability
  • Close relationship with every seafarer as they are at the heart of all our achievements
  • Complete transparency with our clients

Our vessels meet the industry’s highest standards, including ISO 9001, and ISM code compliance certificates from DNV

Regardless of age, size
or weight, the performance of our fleet is constantly optimised to the highest on-par standards globally

A dedicated team of Master Mariners and experienced Technical Superintendents who carefully supervise the vessel and ensure the right crew on board.